2014-15 Fellows

Co-Director 2014-15: Ann Matsuuchi

In 2014-15 ten Faculty Fellows will explore issues of identity and communication in online environments through various readings, discussions, and activities. Guest lectures from Laura Portwood-Stacer and Lisa Nakamura will further enrich these discussions.

Faculty Fellows:

Bethany Holmstrom, English

Christopher Schmidt, English

Francine White, Humanities (Communication)

Habiba Boumlik, English Language Acquisition

Hugo Fernandez, Humanities (Photography)

Karen Miller, Social Science (Urban Studies and History)

Mara Grayson, English

Priscilla Stadler, CTL

Sorin Radu Cucu, English

Stafford Gregoire, English

Svetoslav Zahariev, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science (Mathematics)

Timothy Coogan, Social Science (History)

Tomoaki Imamichi, Social Science (Psychology)