Keywords & Themes

Wordle keywords Oct 2014

Friday 2015 February 20, Winter Institute
Transitions, transformations, circles & squares, cycles, mazes, questions, limits, integration, interdisciplinary, creativity in the classroom, team teaching, selfies, personal and private,

Thursday 2014 December 11, Behrent and Kasson
Dystopia, utopia, past, present, future, contemporary, materialism, totalitarianism, anxiety, new, Foucault, humanist, psychology, production, temporal, opposition, nothing new, novel(s), history, capitalism

Thursday 2014 November 20, Grau, Turkle, and Wells
Robotics, inner robot, post-technological, substitution, artificial intelligence, history, saturation point, love robots, social, fetish, leisure, worker-less, inequality, (re)wiring

Thursday 2014 October 09, Portwood-Stacer
Media refusal, conspicuous non-consumption, choice, wealth, distraction, story, pleasure, big data, digital capitalism, privilege

Thursday, 2014 September 18, Turkle
Tethering, addiction, disconnection, utopia, distopia, visibility

Thursday, 2014 May 29
Identity, race, literacies, resistance, criticism, selfies, community, social media, AI, Cold War, networks, cross-platform storytelling, instructional design, interaction, media genealogy