Phyllis’s Intro Post

Today in our first seminar I learned some things about defining trans and post humanism–I also learned that we come from such different backgrounds that this should be super interesting.  Themes that caught my attention the most included Evelyn’s discussion of ways technology has pressured legal decisions and general ANXIETY re technology, and Richard’s comments on how transhumanism can be seen in relation to circumnavigating limitations imposed by biology and not relying on a higher being to arrive at ??? more ethical ??? ways of being/becoming.  And the reference to time travel possibilities fascinates me as I am reading a time-travel novel series (Outlander). Christian’s question about trans versus post got us all thinking about how we might work on evolving definitions.


Other possible connections that might be interesting to colleagues in this seminar–technology/science abuses of native americans under colonialism (Christian); ethical issues in medicine/biology (Charles) and I’m wondering about how Rebekah’s discourse analysis and ideas of self construction might be connected to technology.  And I want to get more current (via Bethany and Ana Maria) on sci fi distopian cyborg stuff!


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