Technology, Self and Society


I’m Evelyn.  Having studied Philosophy in the 1970s when AI was just beginning and then History in the 1990s when Pragmatism a la Nietzsche in the 1990s was popular, I have been forced to think about the formation of modern identity. I recently wrote a review of a post-modernist Marxist writing on Locke’s concept of identity and how he had “invented consciousness.” Yikes!! The book, by Etienne Balibar was tough and I kept thinking how much I didn’t know about the terminology of contemporary identity. What does it mean for identity to dissolve the Enlightenment self and how was that self then conceived?


Practically, I want to think about law and technology in a deeper broader sense for my LIB200 class on the Supreme Court as well as my new hybrid ENG102.

Already I believe this seminar is going to discuss exactly what I hoped it would. The participants seem really sharp, the leaders engaging and the books sound great.  I can’t wait!!

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