Final reflection – Rebekah Johnson

The most important take-away I got from this seminar has been learning interesting related content about technology, identity, and society from colleagues each who come from different disciplines and have different expertise.  Our discussions were stimulating and thought-provoking and I felt as though I were back in my favorite interesting grad school seminars where I learned a lot, gained different perspectives, and really practiced critical thinking and comparing various viewpoints. This has been the most thought provoking CTL seminar I have been in at LAGCC, and I have participated in at least one every year since arriving here (in 2010). This passion for the subjects we discussed and the way they relate to our lives (technology and advancement in medical technology, cognition, memory, physics, AI, and more) were salient, relevant, and really interesting.

It has impacted my teaching because I brought the interesting ideas and passion for them to the classroom and shared them with my students.  They became interested and engaged in the ideas and did their own original research selecting from some things I got out of the seminar and other ideas I brought to the LIB200 course from my own research area. Students told me that the course was really stimulating and made them really think about technology and society and ethical considerations.

Thank you all for stimulating discussion, approaching the mind-blowing technological future, and pushing me to expand my horizons (and therefore my students’).

-Rebekah (+ Silas!)

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