More final thoughts!

I forgot to mention how the discussion of memory dampening and the ethical implications impacted my teaching in LIB 200!

In addition to the AI discussions mentioned in my previous post, I added a discussion of memory dampening and the ethical/personal implications to my LIB 200 topics.  Prior to the seminar, my LIB 200 class included a discussion of human memory particularly regarding false and repressed memory.  The memory dampening discussion we had in the seminar fit in well with my pre-existing memory module.  Students read an excerpt from Neuroethics which was followed by a lively discussion.  The question “Would you take the pill?” led to at least an hour-long discussion.  We ended the conversation with a discussion of memory as a responsibility to society.  What if holocaust survivors were able to employ memory dampening drugs or technologies to suppress the emotional trauma of their experiences?  Would it be harder for humanity to “never forget?”  I partiularly enjoyed this discussion as I hadn’t really thought of memory as a social obligation prior to our in-class discussions and seminar readings.

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