Comments on Chapter 8: Always On

Always on

The chapter highlights out relationship with communication technologies and how many of us live our lives as if we are always on-call or on stand-by. Increasingly this seems to be what is expected from us. It seems I am one of the few people left without a smart phone-even students who claim that they cannot afford the textbook for class apparently can afford a smart phone and their phone plan- imagine all the books that could be bought with it. I think I even saw a homeless person with a smart phone. And, yet I don’t feel that I am missing out, or am I?

During the summer, while traveling I have limited internet access, and for some reason I feel increasingly awkward explaining myself when I am not responding to e-mails. It seems one is expected to check e-mails at least twice a day, or worse I am supposed to receive them on my cell phone, which of course I am supposed carry with me and have it always on.

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