Prompt response for June 19th, 2015

This seminar has helped me develop ideas around improving my students digital presence. Combing ideas from the readings and issues that came up in discussion I set about reinventing the Art and Design Seminar course for the Fine Arts program of Humanities. I began by having the goal of the class focus on a graduate exhibition. Students created ePortfolios that included their course thesis, regarding their development as an artist, examples of the work they displayed in the exhibition and a video of themselves explaining their work using the recently created competency and abilities rubrics for inquiry and problem solving and oral communication. Students then forwarded headshots, artist statements, work descriptions and links to their ePortfolios which were used to create labels for the exhibition. Visitors to the show could access student ePortfolios by scanning QR codes created from the links to the ePortfolios and learn more about the students and their work. The class also created a catalog of the show, to memorialize the exhibition. In this way students walked out of the course not only understanding themselves as artists and how LaGuardia played a role in that process, but also how to go about managing their “brand” as an arts professional in the digital age.

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