Zena Ruskai-Final Reflection


Coming with a background in linguistics and modern languages, I was not sure how I would be able to integrate the contents of this seminar and my areas of expertise to eventually teach LIB 200. In addition,   I was extremely apprehensive as I do not consider myself to be “versed in technology outside of the realm of computers.  The fantastic choice of readings, especially by Allenby, I began to understand as well as complicate my prior understandings (in an intellectually stimulating matter) of the large impact that technology has on our society. This new understanding was cultivated by the support of the discussions with my fellow colleagues during our meetings and social media platforms (i.e. Slack) to share our ideas and resources when we were not in our meetings.

I believe that this seminar has helped me as an educator, first I feel that now I have the confidence and the resources to teach LIB 200 and create a course which I would like to title: “From Men of Clay to Men of Steel” : The (re) creation of the human race.  This will look at the creation of humans from Mayan book “Popol Vuh” and robotics in our present society.

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