The Center Will Not Hold: Thoughts on My Way to Existential Entropy

I write this in an attempt to contribute to the work we are doing in our NEH seminar on identity. I feel like an ouroboros, myself, eating its tail. I am all the figures being interviewed in the article, buried beneath emails, trying to fight my way out and sinking deeper into the quicksand of interoffice communication. I cannot keep up with my personal correspondence, though I contemplate getting a “Hootsuite” to get all my social networking sites on one great content management page. I’m exhausted.

I wonder how much more we can take as our commmunication and productivity is forced to increase, until we are human “doings,” moving from activity to activity, using our inner dialogue to send messages to other human “doings,” in some ever faster spinning chaotic swirl of misguided energy.

It reminds me of “Until the End of the World,” the Wim Wenders film that deals with people tethered to machines that play back their dreams, unitl the power goes out and they don’t know what to do.

I almost look forward to times when the grid just stops working and we are forced to talk to each other again in the dark, and learn to appreciate the time we have to be together, without our toys.

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