History of technology themes in my LIB200 syllabus

I see a potential for introducing history of technology topics in the third segment of my LIB200 course dedicated to interrelations among philosophy, mathematics and science in Ancient Greece.

Possible questions may be:

1. The etymology of the word technology. Did the ancient Greeks have technology in the proper sense?

2. Differences between the scientific and technological point of view.

3. What is the future of the technological society? Is technology going to advance forever?

These may be assigned, for example, as low-stake writing assignments. I can’t suggest a particular reading at this point however.


  1. I’m thinking more along line of adding technology themes in all three segments in the course rather than changing the focus.Currently I don’t only mention history of technology in the the third segment.

  2. Interesting questions that will undoubtedly lead to fascinating discussion with your students, I’m sure. Do you already discuss history in the third section of your course? And do you see any possibility of changing what one (or more) of your segments focus on as a result of these readings and discussions?

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