1.  Are there any areas in our society where robots could make our lives easier?

2.  Explore the issues of access and cost for the different areas that you could imagine robots would be useful in our lives?

3.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of substituting robotic love for human love?

4.  Does the substitution of robots for humans pose any threat to humans.  Is this true for all areas that you could imagine that robots would be useful?

5.  Are there any areas in society that would be more robot friendly or more robot resistant?

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  1. These questions would form a perfect starting point for developing your LIB200 theme. You should feel free to use the seminar as a way to think through and build a syllabus around the ideas that you find interesting — starting in the February meeting, we should have more time to really work on syllabi, so keep track of the questions, themes, and readings you’d like to work with, and we’ll help you make them work for an LIB200 course.

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