Initial Curriculum Ideas

One of the ideas that seems interesting is the evolution of technology- machines, first substituting the body, replacing to some extent the physical and the manual labor, then computers, substituting the mind, replacing some aspect of the mind- thinking machines,¬† but also some aspects of “the heart” via caring machines. It challenges the notion of what is special about humans that machines cannot do. To what extent has technology enriched our lives, and to what extent is it impoverishing it? As machines are taking over- are we depriving ourselves from opportunities of embedded, embodied, enacted and “authentic” experiences? The idea of abstaining from and refusing specific technologies is also intriguing to discuss in class.

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  1. I love this progression from the physical to the “heart.” Is this something you already address in your Brains, Minds, and Consciousness cluster? In what ways has your thinking on the subject(s) of your cluster changed through these discussions? Are there readings, assignments, or discussion questions you would like to introduce to your class that you have not already? And perhaps you have the beginning of an LIB200 theme here? Given your interest in technologies (like running shoes!), I see some exciting possibilities here!

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