Reflections on integrating materials into the classroom

The concerns that we are discussing are definitely part of my classes. In the Spring I’ll be teaching LIB200, which I teach as a US Empire class. Public health is an important aspect of our study, so I’ll be looking at the use of new “technologies,” to produce new kinds of systems of power and institutions designed to address the concerns of subject populations. We definitely talk about similar issues in my cluster class, which is a US history in the 20th century class, and which addresses some similar concerns. The discussions we are having about how technology functions and how we think about it areĀ informing my thinking.

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  1. It’s wonderful you can see such direct connections between our discussions and what you are doing in your class. Are there specific readings or ideas that might influence your future teaching of this course — you acknowledge that there are “similar concerns,” but are there changes you might make as a result in terms of specific readings or assignments?

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